Gente… wow… mais outra linda supresa que encontrei: uma outra blogueira super fofa postou sobre mim no seu tumblr blog chamado Malcriada. Bem, confesso que o meu inglês não é perfeito, mas como o wordpress não aceita widget de tradutores, a única forma de me aproximar de quem não fala a nossa língua é explorando o meu mínimo conhecimento em inglês. Contudo, fico feliz que pessoas como ela entendam esse meu modo de expressar, que já é um tanto quanto peculiar em português, imagine então em inglês! Olhem só o que ela diz:

Hey guys… Wow… I found another beautiful surprise: another super cute blogger posted about me on her tumblr blog called Malcriada. Well, I do confess that my English is not perfect (who would say that? hahahah), but as the wordpress doesn’t accept the translators widgets, the only way to get closer with you around the world who don’t understand my language is going to explore my little knowledge of English. However, I am happy that people like her (also like you) understand my way of expressing myself, which is somewhat peculiar in Portuguese, imagine in English than! Take a look in what she said:


I am loving this blog I found through IFB, Il Piccolo Mondo di Cri. Cristiane is in Brazil and she’s got the cutest style. She loves her some big-ass puffy shoulders just like I do! Most of the text is in Portuguese, but she does translate a lot of it. Ya know, I always appreciate the unique phrasing of people for whom English is not the first language, which probably stems from my mom. To whit: “Positive thoughts will attract an auspicious climate that induces the universe to conspire in your favor…”

I couldn’t agree more, and isn’t it a lot more interesting than just plain ol’ “think positive”?


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