Luko Dress / American Apparel Skirt / H&M Belt / Calzedonia Socks / Soulier Boots

I couldn’t be happier!! My blog has been officially awarded “The Lovely Blog Award” by my cute blogger from Bravoe Runway! Thank you so much, my dear, you let me without words! Hey, guys, I hope you can take a minute and check her pretty blog out! She chooses an item from wardrobe and shows us more than one stylish way how to dress it! It is fantastic, isn’t it?

(Fine Print) A few rules (don’t do that, if you don’t want):

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 15 blogs
4. Drop a note to tell them about it

7 Random Facts about me
  1. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE! LOL No no, but I I’m afraid of the dark, when I’m alone!
  2. I love speaking and dacing alone!!!!
  3. From the age of 12, I participated in beauty pageant. At most, I got second place! LOL  
  4. I am a feminist (I’ve been more), but I find extremely appealing when a man takes the reins of the situation (see? I really have been more feminist!).
  5. My favorite dish is the simple pasta in white sauce (-I didn’t forget you, penne all’arrabbiata!), but I just love to cook elaborated dishes!
  6. I’ve done part of the church choir. GLEE!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I still do not know how to live in this decade!
Now…I am going to award 15 blogs!  This was a tough decision because I follow many blogs via Bloglovin’ and really enjoy reading everyone’s posts! I’ve selected worldwide blogs for your preview and I TRIED DO NOT REPEAT THE BLOGS THAT I HAVE AWARDED BEFORE!  Please click the links below to visit these fabulous blogs…..